Make a wish foundation trip

Creative Packaging, and friends Make A Wish come true !

Earlier this year Kathy Hinkson (board member of Creative Packaging’s charity - Get em Gurls)  heard about a very special 8 year old girl’s Make a Wish Foundation trip having to be cancelled because the little girls health did not allow her to travel.  Kathy shared this story with her friends Rob & Norma Geier, Barb & Vern Dueck, Wes & Joanna Palmer (Creative Packaging).  This group of friends made it their mission for Julia’s wish to come true by planning and funding a trip to Disneyland for Julia, her mother, father and brother.  Although right up until the last minute the family did not know if Julia’s health could withstand the trip, they were determine to make miracles happen because on August 14, 2007 Julia and her mother departed Vancouver by train because Julia could not travel by Airplane.  Then Julia and her Mother were greeted excitedly by her father and brother who traveled by Airplane and the family lived out Julia’s wish in Disneyland.