People Helping People – “Because I am a Girl”

Creative Packaging was proud to partner up with Sandra Marini at Portfolio West to support an independent fundraiser for “Because I am a Girl”. 
On a hot and sunny day, two girls with a passion for making a difference in the lives of other young females around the world,  set up a lemonade and cupcake stand in Shuswap with all of the proceeds being donated to “Because I am a Girl”.  Creative Packaging has always been a big supporter of charities and events that promote the empowerment of women of all ages and nationalities and gladly matched the total amount of donations in this fundraiser!
 “Because I am a Girl” promotes education, health care and nutrition for girls in impoverished countries.  By donating to this charity we are not only helping these young girls build a better future, but also assisting their families and communities to improve their quality of life.
At Creative Packaging we believe that “People helping People” is the answer to building a better world. 
Because I am a Girl  Because I am a Girl