KN95 Masks -10 Pack

MDEL (Medical Device Establishment Licence) licensed by Minister of Health.

Place the comfortable elastic ear loop around each ear. Secure the mask over your nose, mouth and under your chin.  Pinch the adjustable metal nose band to fit your nose.  Make sure this is tightly secured.  

Our KN95 is an FDA approved PPE face mask.  It is a suitable alternative to an N95 mask.  The KN95 is a standard for respiratory equipment.  Made from 5ply non woven material it filters 95% of particles greater than .03 microns.  The KN95 offers increased protection over the 3 ply disposable surgical mask.  The KN95 mask is approved by the CDC as an acceptable replacement when N95 masks are unavailable.  The CDC recommends single use and not to be cleaned.  

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