Why gift cards are a GREAT gifts - By Joanna Palmer @ Creative Packaging

Creative Packaging - Why Gift Cards are a Great Gift

Ahhhh it’s time to start thinking about your naughty or nice Christmas shopping list. The truth is, most of us can get a little stressed about finding the perfect gift. So why not eliminate copious trips to the mall and choose a well suited gift card? You know, gift cards can also be a necessity gift. As gift cards for gas, groceries, or drugstore purchases can be gifts that have HUGE value for anyone living on a tight budget. Here’s a stat that might change your mind about endless hours of shopping. A retail study done in 2014 showed that three out of four Americans won’t like the Christmas gift they receive (wow, really!) If your worried that a gift card isn’t special enough or that it may make you look lazy, then think about what that person likes to do, where they like to eat, or what they do for fun, just put some thought into where the gift card comes from. And don’t just stuff the gift card in an envelope. Try some of Creative Packaging wrapping tips. They are simple and easy. We promise that even those on your naughty list will feel the love!

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