Stylish, Simple, Time savers. 30 ways to use Paper Eskimo baking cups – By Joanna Palmer

I love the start of a new year.  It's kind of like you get another chance to redo goals and start fresh again.

It is also a time to reflect and think about time itself.  Because it certainly gets away from us pretty darn fast. 

Really, who doesn’t want to do things that can save time and simplify our life's. Especially when it comes to entertaining, for some entertaining can be overwhelming for many reasons.

Our friends at Paper Eskimo have some great ideas to keep it simple and stylish.  One of our favorites this past festive season was their 30 uses for Paper Eskimo baking cups

If you are going to entertain any time soon, you really have to give them a try because they are simple, stylish, quick, and so awesome because there is little clean up after. 

Check out these Lobster Mac n Cheese cups I made for New years.

 And click here -- for 30 ideas on using Paper Eskimo baking cups ( you can bake in them up to 400 degrees)    

BTW. How did it get to be MID January already?

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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