The Magic Of Rainbows, Unicorns And Turning 4!

Oh to be turning 4! 

The pure joy and excitement in my granddaughter’s sweet little face as she named off some of her favorite things (rainbows, unicorns, donuts, pizza, balloons, bubblegum and family) it's enough to make any heart melt!

But even in your 50's it’s ok to LOVE rainbows and all the wonderful beautiful things associated with them!  And, well I have to say I do like the magic of unicorns, a great pizza, warm donuts, and even a good bubble gum blowing contest.  So why not have a birthday party and do it all?

The "less is more" concept went completely out the window when my daughter, hesitantly, gave me the okay to plan my granddaughter's birthday. I am an over the top grandparent after all, and I felt like I'd won the lottery!  

Every celebration begins with an idea, in this case the inspiration for the theme was a rainbow. Now, as much as I like planning a party, I do like to enjoy the party as well, so I knew that I needed to start by checking out our party supplies for some inspiration! 

The planning was simple! Once I had a theme in place we did the shopping and there was nothing much left to do until the big day! This was so super easy and quick to set up.  Everything was put together while the birthday girl was having a nap!

The biggest hit of the day was the rainbow-sprinkled donuts that we placed on top of a paper cup with a pink straw through the donut hole!  We also placed white sprinkle cupcakes inside the colorful baking cups , and topped them with rainbow toy accessories.

The take home gifts, a Rubik's cube, where placed in adorable candy bags. We accessorized the tablescape with mini gum ball machines, and, my new favorites, the interchangeable white cake stands!

Guests oohed and aahed, over the bright and cheery colours of the party. One of the highlights of the day was when the guest of honors BFF gave her a present of a teddy bear and... (insert drumroll here) a ring!  It was like a fairy tale. 

Am I a crazy obsessive grandparent? Yes, I am, but witnessing all her wishes coming true was totally worth it!  We took in every moment, just like you do when a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky.  

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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May 25, 2018

What a lucky little grand daughter. The visual impact of all of these items must have been powerful for 4 year olds and their parent alike. The colours at this party make me happy and feeling like a kid again. Your ideas are great and seem doable— even for a non DIY person like me. Well done and thanks for sharing.

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