Black & White is just right for Halloween!

Try to say that 10 times!   Seriously though, Black & White is so right for Halloween when you use it as a base.  Check out these GREAT photos by Paper Eskimo.



White is like starting with a blank canvas.  Then you add in touches of Lime Green, dark Purple and Black and you’ve just created an amazing Halloween setting.  You can also kick it up a notch by adding in a variety of patterns in Black & White.  This is really quick and easy to do.  Mix and match spooky, scary, edgy with that great White pumpkin. 

Here’s 10 DIY ideas that won’t spook you. 

  1. Spray paint your pumpkins white or buy white pumpkins. (If you are up for painting, do it out side, a can of white spray paint works wonders).
  2. Purchase a couple of bags of plastic black spiders from the dollar store.   Set the scene for Halloween by adding a black spider to almost anything.
  3. Purchase a bag of small white candy tombstones.  Randomly placing them throughout the scene will spook it up. 
  4. Hosting a buffet? Tie cutlery together using black ribbon, attach a black spider or white tombstone. Place on top of the plate.
  5. Hosting a sit down meal? Place white candy filled boxes at each place setting, tie black ribbon around the box, embellish with a black spider.
  6. Fill small white buckets with Halloween candy balls or big white gum balls, tie a black ribbon around the bucket, place a few black spiders both in and outside the bucket.
  7. Bake cupcakes in black & white striped or Lime Green Paper Eskimo baking cups, top the iced cupcakes with crushed Oreo cookies, place a tombstone on top, then place cupcakes on white cake stands for an isometric image.
  8. Purchase Green & White, and Black & White striped Paper Eskimo straws.  Cut straws in ½, push straw into a large white marshmallow for a ghostly effect.  
  9. Fill Green & White striped cups or Black & White striped cups with green Kool-Aid. Drop a white gum ball into the cup, place Black & White or Green & White striped straw in cup.
  10. Purchase pre made white powdered sugar donut holes. Cut Black & White straws in ½. Push the straw into the donut hole for a ghostly effect!


Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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