Weddings: DIY Bride's Chair

We started with a simple office chair, but any would do. The chair we covered was gray, so we ended up doubling the non-woven wrap so the colour wouldn’t peek through.


  • 3” organza ribbon
  • Non-Woven white gift wrap
  • 52” tulle
  • Glue gun

  1. Start at the top and work your way down:

-The back of the chair was draped in two layers of non-woven wrap.

-The wrap covered to the sides of the chair, which are metal, then the wrap was folded like you would a present.

-The finished edges were glued to the metal of the chair – it will stick as long as needed, but will be easy to remove and not leave residue.

  1. Next is the seat:

-       Use one long piece of the non-woven wrap, laying it across the seat.

-       The wrap was again tacked with glue at the metal frame of the chair.

  1. To cover the seat’s length, two layers of the non-woven wrap were used:

-The wrap was draped from the floor at the chair’s front to the floor at the chair’s back.

-Again, the wrap was tacked with the glue gun.

  1. Now for the tulle!

-Using Creative’s 52” wide white tulle, the chair was  wrapped twice.

-The tulle was wide enough that it fit around the chair, softening its square lines.

  1. Next, a bow was tied, using the 3” organza ribbon in white to secure the tulle to the chair.

  2. Now the pew bow.

-This bow was made using four large loops of tulle with long tails,  tied together with some white organza ribbon.

-The bow was then tied to the ribbon going around the chair.

-Any loose loops were tacked to the now-covered chair with glue gun.

-Finally, a cute little bow was made from the 3” organza ribbon and glued in the center of the pew bow.

And there you have it – a beautifully decorated chair, well-suited to a guest book signing table, or for signing a registry.

Creative Packaging
Creative Packaging


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