Creative Ribbon Challenge: Team Edmonton

We challenged our lovely ladies at Creative Packaging to come up with some creative ideas for ornaments using ribbon and accessories from our local stores. We're so excited to show you what they came up with!

Sheena from Team Edmonton sent us this beauty! Come grab some supplies and try it today!

You'll need: 

Step 1: Cut a 5-inch stretch of 2.5-inch ribbon in the color of your choice. Line up the ornament pick you've chosen so the string extends beyond the top portion of the ribbon as shown. 

Step 2: Using hot glue, glue the top corners of the rib snugly around the top of your ornament where it connects to the string.  

Step 3: Cut a 10 inch strand of 1-inch ribbon and lay underneath the top of your ornament perpendicular to the original piece of ribbon (as shown). 

Step 4: Tie in a bow around the string of the ornament and glue to secure as necessary. 

Step 5: Hang it on your tree with pride! How beautiful!

Creative Packaging
Creative Packaging


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