DIY: Creative's angel for the holidays!

This is a great DIY project that's fun and easy to do:

Step-by-step instructions using all in store products!

(Products used: 4 sheets tissue, 2 colors raffia, tulle, burlap, faux jewel ribbon)

1. Simply crumple 2 sheets of tissue into a ball for Angel’s head.
2. Using other 2 sheets of tissue, slightly stagger 1 on top of the other, with the prominent color on bottom. Place ball in center & lift from bottom of sheets & wrap around ball. Secure with elastic.
3. Using a black felt, draw Angel’s face.
4. Tie 2 strands of raffia around elastic/neck.
5. Using tulle, make 1 smaller bow & 1 larger bow. Place the smaller one in front of the larger one & secure together with stick pin. Set aside.
6. Cut a 9½” x ½” piece of burlap. Make sure to use the wired edge.
7. Cut the same size piece of faux jewel ribbon & tape or glue onto the burlap.
8. Twist to form a halo.
9. Use another small strip of burlap (wired edge) & attach to halo & slip under elastic/raffia at back of neck.10. Finally, attach the bows to the back of neck for Angel’s wings.

Creative Packaging
Creative Packaging


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