For Baby Boy – By Donna @ Edmonton Store

Baby Shower - for Baby BoyHere’s what you will need


Here’s what you’ll do


  •  Tie ribbon around box and make a bow in the top left corner. 
  • Rotate box 180 degrees & repeat but make sure you rotate box back to original position before you tie bow or bow will be upside down. 
  • Now tie 2 more bows so that you have a bow in all 4corners. 
  • Lay your tag flat & use a single hole punch to make existing hole larger. 
  • Now turn the tag vertically so that hole is at right side & punch another hole in left side. 
  • Cut 3 equal lengths of ribbon & insert through back of tag, tying knots in  front. 
  • Pull taught & trim ends.  Write or tape on printed letters.  Attach with mini clothespins  in behind existing ribbon on box.

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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