Mother’s Day Vintage Gift Wrap – By Donna @ Edmonton Store

Mothers Day Vintage Gift Wrap

Here’s what you will need


 Here’s what you’ll do


  •  Wrap the apparel box with ivory lace wrap film. 
  • Tie the 1” gold satin ribbon around the box & tie bow in top left corner.
  • Cut a strip of 2 ½” gold satin ribbon & a strip of ivory lace ribbon (each about 9” long). 
  • Place the lace over the satin, wrap around tag & hot glue or tape in back of tag. 
  • Using 1” gold satin ribbon, tie a bow onto tag. 
  • Print out the word “MOM” or write on with black felt pen. 
  • Using tape, attach tag to box on an angle, with the bow resting on ribbon already across  top of box.

Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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