Twist Tie Tags – By Donna @ Edmonton Store

Creative Packaging - Twist Tie TagsHere’s what you will need





Here’s what you’ll do


  • Before you start decorating your tag, write a message on the back.
  • Now…on to decorating the front of tag. Decide where you want to position your flowers on the tag.
  • Start with cutting strips of grosgrain for the stems & hot glue on to tag (I used olive grosgrain).
  • Next, choose color of twist ties for flowers (I used silver). You will need 3 twist ties per flower.
  • Trim to whatever size you want your flowers to be.
  • To curl twist ties, simply place around end of pen and roll just enough to curl the ends.
  • Angle the curled twist ties on top of each other & hot glue together.
  • Hot glue to top of stem.
  • Cut a small piece of the faux jewel metallic ribbon (I used fuchsia) & hot glue to center of flower.
  • Tie bow to top of tag (I used beauty grosgrain).
  • You now have a lovely home made tag that can be attached to a bag or box. The tag itself could be a “gift”. If you choose that option, then place a small amount of shred (I used french vanilla) in a 5”x7” clear lid/bottom box. Lay tag on top. What a beautiful keepsake!

Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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