Bridal Archway – By Glenda @ Edmonton Store

What You Will Need

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March 17, 2015


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Easter Bunny – By Yvonne @ Edmonton Store



Here’s what you will need        

Here’s what you’ll do

Cover cardboard  with green tissue paper, taping on the bottom.  Cut 4 strips of non woven white 7 ½ ” wide and 19 ½” long for the body.  Cut 4 strips of non woven white 6” wide and 19 ½” long for the head.  Cut 3 strips 6” wide  white  tulle  19 ½” long for the body.  Cut 3 strips 6” wide white tulle 19 ½” long for the head.  Cut 3 strips  6” wide  white  tulle  19 ½” long for the tail.

Draw some bunny ears on white paper, making the left ear longer, as that will have a fold on the top.  Add some extra length at the base so you can tuck them into the space between the head and body. 

Cut out the paper ears and glue pink tissue to the center .

Draw one bunny foot on the paper and cut out 2.  with your paper folded in half to give you a left and a right foot.  Cut out some flowers from the tapestry tissue paper and glue these onto the corners of the green base.

For the head and body, alternate the non woven and tulle layers The tail uses only tulle, so will have 3 pieces.

Fold your layers into an accordion shape along the short edge, giving you a nice full fan.  Tie the center with a twist tie. 

Snip about an inch into the edges, through all the layers on both the head and the body., about ¼ “ apart

Fluff the layers of the fan apart, the tulle will give the fabric a little more body.

Place the three pieces  together and hot glue the tail to the body, and the head to the other side.  Fold the sides of the ears in a little to help make the ears stand up and glue the base into the rabbit head and body.  Fold over the top of the left ear.

Tie a bow with the organza ribbon in front of the ears.

Cut two eyes from the black faux jewel ribbon,   nose from the pink .Glue  into position on the face.  Hot glue the feet to the base of the body.  Add small pieces of shred and hot glue into position.  All he needs now is a carrot!

Tissue Tassel Fun – By Megan @ Calgary Store









Here’s what you will need

Different Colors of Tissue paper in 20x30 Sheets


Satin, or Grosgrain Ribbon


Here’s what you’ll do

Take one sheet of tissue, and fold it in half

On the open side cut strips up, leaving about 3 inches to the fold

Open the sheet

Starting in the middle of the sheet, begin to roll the tissue so the cut portions are on the outside, and you are rolling the uncut portion

Once you finish rolling you have a single tassel

Twist the top so that you have a hole like the last picture

Slide your ribbon through the hole with multiple tassels and you know have a tassel banner! 

March 16, 2015


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Gift Wrap Flower - By Glenda @ Edmonton Store



What You Will Need

What You Will do 

Cut a strip of gift wrap 24 inches long by 6 inches wide. Fold in half lenthwise.

Cut uniform slits the length of the paper, 2 inches down.

Attach a straw to one end and roll working part way down the straw. Secure with tape.

SOS Flower - by Glenda @ Edmonton Store



What You Will Need

What You Will Do

Cut the bottom off the bags at the fold. Draw a petal shape on 1 of each size bag. Stack the bags and cut out the petals. Fold a crease lengthwise on each petal for definition. Using a hot glue gun, glue the larger petals, overlapping the points at the center. Do the same with the smaller petals, gluing to the center of the larger flower. Stagger the small petals and hold them up a bit until the glue sets.  Cut a small square of jewel ribbon and glue to the center of each flower.

March 12, 2015


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Easter Place Setting – By Donna @ Edmonton Store



Here’s what you will need

2 Paper Eskimo Baking Cups, 1 Yellow & 1 Purple

1 Yellow Paper Eskimo Plate

Handful of French Vanilla Shred

1 Sheet Yellow Tissue Paper

1 Silver Paper Eskimo Straw

1 Silver Twist Tie

1 Small White Tag

Grosgrain Ribbon, Purple, Yellow, Green


Hot Glue Gun 

Here’s what you’ll do

Tulip: Fold tissue in half, then in half again.  Draw tulip shape with base of flower on folded end of tissue.  Staple around tulip to keep the sheets together while cutting out shape.  Unfold your tulip & slightly stagger sheets & fold back up.  Hot glue straw to back of tulip shape.  Use a very small amount of glue to keep the petals from falling forward.  Tie a green grosgrain bow around straw at base of tulip.  Write name on tag & tie on with yellow grosgrain.  Place shred in yellow baking cup & hot glue straw into shred in cup.

Mini Basket: Lay silver twist tie flat & cut a piece of purple grosgrain the same length.  Hot glue together.  Bend into shape of handle & hot glue ends to inside of baking cup.  Add handful of shred.  Tie a small bow with a piece of grosgrain & hot glue to front of baking cup.  Add small chocolate eggs for a treat. Mix & match colors of our Paper Eskimo Line, Ribbon & Tissue.  Imagine one of these for each of your guests at Easter Dinner.  Enjoy!


February 26, 2015


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Destination Box Kit For Brides - By Erin @ Calgary Store

Destination Box Kit for Brides

(Décor, Favours, and Centrepieces)

What you will need 

19x12x3 White Apparel Box

Tulle Ribbon, Faux Jewel Ribbon (DÉCOR)

Trendy Bag Table Centrepiece Kit – See Blog for instructions (CENTERPIECE )

Napkins (DÉCOR)

Gifting Tags (FAVOURS)


PP Gusset White Dot 1 LB Bags (FAVOURS)

Pretty Ribbon to match (FAVOURS)






What to do 

Take all the supplies you need for your wedding and slide them into your white kit box, 

Centrepieces- See our Trendy Bag Centrepieces for your table Decor

Tulle, and Faux diamond bling ribbon for back of chairs for Bows

Candy, Candy Bags, Tags for your favours

Straws, Napkins for fun 

Now when you arrive at your destination you wont have to go locally search for these fun, trendy, colourful décor items, YOU HAVE THEM!

February 26, 2015


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Favours on the Fly – By Erin @ Calgary Store

Favours on the Fly – Created by Erin, In Calgary

What you will need

 A bag of M and m’s

Confectionary, Candy bag  with white Dots

A pair of scissors


Cute blank tags 

What to do


Supplies – Pick any candy you love for your candy bag favour. Cut a piece of ribbon to start at 25 inches per bag of Candy.


Take your candy, and slide it into your individual candy bag. Close the top with a piece of ribbon. Either tie your ribbon into a shoelace bow, or just a knot. Using the end of your ribbon, slide your handwritten tag on, and pull the tag to the knot. 

You now have favours on the fly!