Horse Carousel By Glenda @ Edmonton Store

Horse Carousel

What You Will Need



What You Will Do



  • Glue 5 baking cups to a paper plate in a T fashion. Do this with 2 plates.
  • Make a hole in the center of the baking cups and plate, on both plates
  • Cut 4, 24” lengths of Grosgrain and 1, 48” length. Tie a small knot at one end of each.
  • Thread the ribbon through the holes in the cups, gluing the knot off to the side a bit. Thread the 48” one through the center cup.
  • Turn the plate over and gather the ribbons together, making a knot about 10” up from the plate. (This is the top of the carousel )
  • Wrap each of the 5 Bamboo skewers with the 1” Satin Ribbon, securing with glue.
  • Glue the skewers into the holes in the baking cups of the top.
  • Flip the top over and glue the skewers into the bottom cups.
  • Fill the cups with shred, packing down.
  • Tie a small grosgrain ribbon to each horse, and glue 4 of the horses to the bottom cups , evenly spaced around. Glue 1 horse to the center pole up higher than the others.
  • Hang by the longer center ribbon. 

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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