Bridal Archway – By Glenda @ Edmonton Store

What You Will Need


   What To Do


  • Cut 4-80 inch panels and 2- 112 inch panels of the White Non Woven Wrap.
  • Double 2- 80 inch panels and glue to the end 6 inches of the dowel, pleating the wrap to fit.
  • Do the same with the last 2- 80 inch panels at the other end of the dowel.
  • Center the 112 inch wrap along the length of the dowel (leaving 36 inches past each end).
  • Glue in place along the top of the dowel (covering the tops of the 80 inch panels ).
  • Cut the Tulle into 6 – 48 inch lengths and 4 -30 inch lengths.
  • Using 2 of the 48 inch Tulle, tie a large bow in the center of the dowel, gathering up the wrap as you do so.
  • Doubling the 48 inch Tulle, tie a bow at each end of the dowel gathering the wrap.
  • Using the 30 inch Tulle doubled , tie bows 34 inches down the length of the 80 inch panels, gathering all layers of the Tulle.
  • Add a butterfly to the center of each Tulle bow.
  • Attach 1 inch white Organza to each end of the dowel for hanging.( the length will be determined by how high you need to hang the Archway).

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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