Easter Bunny Bag – By Donna @ Edmonton Store

Here’s what you will need






 Here’s what you’ll do


  1. Find a template of a bunny face, ears & paws. 
  2. Print on white paper & cut out. 
  3. Set bag together & attach with double sided tape (make sure to attach ears to inside of bag). 
  4. Cut a bow tie out of the faux jewel metallic ribbon in fuchsia & attach with double sided tape. 
  5. Next, cut 2 small strips of the faux jewel metallic ribbon in silver and attach for eyebrows.  For bunny’s tail, make a double bow out of white tulle.
  6. Attach light pink puff to center of bow with it’s stretch loop. 
  7. Attach to back bottom of bag. 
  8. Fold 2 sheets of light pink tissue & one purple.  Place in bag.

Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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