Wedding Cake Decor - By Rena @ Burnaby Store

Here’s what you will need







Here’s what you’ll do


  1. Tissue: Take 1 – 20x 30 sheet, fold in half to make 20x15” cut a 4” strip from the 20”side.
  2. Fold the 4” strip in half, starting at 1 end and looking at the folded side start to roll up the strip folding and rolling into a rose shape.
  3. You will need 75 roses to decorate the cake. 
  4. White gift-wrap:  Wrap both giftware boxes. Place the 6x6x6 on top of the 10x10x6 and glue         
  5. together. Place roses along the bottom of all 4 sides of both boxes, also place roses to cover the top of the 6x6x6 to look like icing roses. 
  6. Decorate the cake with ribbon, bride and groom boxes and large diamond pick.

Julie Lind
Julie Lind


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