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Since the holidays are almost here, we're giving you a gift! Each of our stores has put together a list of their top 10 favorite things at Creative Packaging. We'll be sharing them all month long on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Follow along and discover some hidden gems and well-known items we have to offer!

We - the icy north girls - think that you will love what we love. It’s black, icy, and splashed with color:

1. Damask Tape – This fun roll of tape can be added to any simple gift box, gift bag as a decorative "wow"!

2. Faux Bling Bling Ribbon – Dressy yes, classy yes, an edgy, fun ribbon. This piece is just that - a piece of art that will pump up the amazing look of all your gift giving. "Wow" effect x 10!

3. Little Black Box - OMG, just like the little black dress is timeless, so is our little black box. It is perfect for belts, jewelry, candy, cupcakes, and so much more!

4. Turquoise Gift wrap - Do you want to have the feel of a Tiffany’s gift at an amazing cost? Well, guess what? This paper is that sea blue and will enchant you for years to come.

5. Leopard Tissue, and Funky Shopping Bag combo – How fun is an animal print that never goes out of season! Get yer animal on with this trend!

6. Burgundy Wine Box - Going out to a dinner party? Want to stand out? Dress up your gorgeous wine gift with ribbons and color!

7. Lime Green Gable Box - "Pop" goes the color! Find yourself running around your Christmas tree early every morning…. Jammed with cookies and cakes!

8. Clear Stackable Jars – Goodies slide inside: Jewelry pieces, Hersey's kisses, jube jubes, spices, and rubs.. make these trendy little jars so GREAT! 

9. Tin Gift Card Holder, Business card case – Heavy.. Heavy metal heavy! Just kidding. This funky little case is perfect to slide a gift card into, or your business card. It has that metal classy edge.

10. Butterflies – YAY! These flirty, colorful whimsy accessories look fabulously girlie on everything you wrap. From gift boxes, to gift bags.. fly away with us!

 Love, Erin and Team Calgary
Creative Packaging
Creative Packaging


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