Tissue Pumpkins

 Finally fall is here! I love fall and everything that comes with it, the leaves changing color, the chill in the air, thanksgiving, halloween, boots. So with the weather being chilly I had an itch to do something crafty, thankfully I have a 8 year old daughter that is always ready and willing. Today's project was tissue pumpkins for my daughters class, it is a cute way for her to hand out her halloween candy, its easy enough for her to do herself and I already had everything I needed in the house.

Materials Used:

Orange tissue
Green Tape
Halloween Candy

Step 1:

Cut the tissue into small squares about 8 inches by 8 inches so the pumpkins aren't too big and you get multiple squares from each sheet of tissue

Step 2:

Put the candy in the center on the square 

Step 3:
Gather the corners together

Step 4:

Twist the ends

Step 5:

Tape it together 

Creative Packaging
Creative Packaging


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