Low profile centerpiece – By Glenda @ Edmonton store


Low profile centerpiece   – By Glenda @ Edmonton store


What you will need                                                                                

What to do

  • Evenly space the 2 ½ inch strips of Gold Ribbon on the top of the 10 inch box. Glue in place.
  • Follow with the Ivory Satin strips and the Olive Grosgrain.


  • Wrap the 2- 40 inch strips of the Gold Satin around the box, gluing in place. Follow with the Olive grosgrain.      
  • With the 3x3x3 Kraft boxes, fold the side flaps and the lid down into the box.
  • Around the outside of the boxes, glue the 1 inch Ivory satin and the Olive Grosgrain
  • Lightly pack Kraft Shred into each box.
  • Center the 4, 3x3x3 boxes on top of the Ribbon covered 10 inch box.
  • Arrange the flowers, fruit, birds and butterflies on top of the 4 boxes.




Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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