Tissue Flower Topiary - By Julie @ Burnaby Store


Tissue Flower Topiary – By Julie Creative Packaging – Burnaby



What you will need

1 - 4x4x4 white gift box

1 - silver paper straw

2 handfuls of fuchsia pink basket shred to fill the box

1 - piece 20x30” beauty tissue , cut into 7x10 pieces ( you get approx. 8 pieces)  

1 inch beauty organza ribbon


What  to  do

For tissue ball Stack 4 - 7”x10” pieces of tissue on top of each other and fan fold using 1” folds tie in centre with 12” of organza then cut each end to round off the end. Repeat this twice so you have 2 flowers. Tie the flowers together in the middle with ribbon to make a ball for top of topiary.  Tie ball to the top of the straw using organza ribbon. You will have a few inches of ribbon falling down from the bottom of the ball.


Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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