Trendy Centerpiece - By Erin @ Calgary Store

Trendy Center Piece – By Erin, Creative Packaging –Calgary


What you will need

1 - party bag  ( we used  Black Tie)

1 - large white tag

1 - large faux diamond gem accessory  

1 - piece of black organza ribbon, ½ inch width  x20 inch length

1 - piece of white tissue (20x30)

A pen, Scissors


What  to  do

Stand your party bag upright. Next lay your one piece of white tissue flat on your counter and fold it in half. Using your fingers find the middle of the tissue and pick up your tissue in a cone shape. Give it a shake and hold it on the pointy end.  Place the tissue inside of your standing party bag  gently tucking it in. Fluff the tissue.  Slide the gem pick into the party bag, in front of the white tissue. The white tag can be used for several things, you can write your table number on it or a special saying. Take the piece of 20 inch, sheer organza black ribbon and slide it through your white tag hole, and tie it in a simple knot. To finish ,simply rest the white tag on the bag, tucking it in easily with the ribbons hanging out for your trendy bag centerpiece. 

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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