Mini Bling Tissue Flower - By Erin @ Calgary Store

What you will need

Tissue sheet (Any color or pattern)  I sheet of 20X30 tissue makes 2 mini tissue flowers


One roll of faux diamond ribbon 

Mini glue dots


What to do

 First you need your colored or patterned tissue, lay the tissue flat. (20x30 Piece)

 Cut one tissue sheet in 6x10 squares.  You need 4 6X10 squares to make a tissue flower.

 Fold your 6x10 sheet into half inch folds – Like an accordion. When finished folding take a stapler and staple in the middle of the accordion.

 You can then begin to pull the layers of tissue from the fold to produce the flower petals.

 After you have pulled the layers on both sides of your staple, your flower should look like this.

  Now you need your glue dots, scissors and faux jeweled ribbon to add the bling!

 Use your scissors to cut individual gem pieces from your faux ribbon. Next attach a glue dot to the back of the individual gems, and press to the completed tissue flower you just made in various areas, and on different petals.

 You now have a great bling mini tissue flower that can be used for center pieces, in vases, for car wedding décor, and so much more!

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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