Vintage Throne - By Glenda @ Edmonton Store

Vintage Bridal Throne – By Glenda , Creative Packaging -  Edmonton


Here’s what you will need

1, chair

1, 6 ft length of 54” wide ,white tulle

1, 6 ft length of 21” wide natural burlap

1, 6 ft length of 2  ½ “ gold satin ribbon

1, 3 ft length of 1” ivory satin ribbon

1-12” piece of ½“ white organza ribbon


Here’s what you’ll do

Wrap both the back and the seat of the chair with natural burlap ribbon.

Fold white tulle over the chair back on top of burlap, gather tulle at back of chair, secure in the center with a  piece of ½”  white organza ribbon. Trim the bottom of the gathered tulle.

Using 2 ½” gold satin ribbon, wrap around the chair back, make a shoelace bow in the center of the gathered tulle. With the 1“inch ivory satin ribbon, tie a bow in the center of the gold bow.

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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