Ribbon Arch Way - By Erin @ Calgary Store



Ribbon Arch Way – By Erin, Creative Packaging –Calgary

What you will need 

35 strands of 80 inch ribbon, depending on what type of ribbon you use, in this example we used a one inch satin ribbon in white, and ivory tones

Large Silver tags to use as a seating chart, or for guests to write a message on

Fishing wire, wooden dowel, or very thin ribbon to hold your arch of 80 inch ribbon strands


Glue dots to attach tags to ribbon

Scissors to cut ribbon  strands


What to do 

Using your scissors cut your ribbon from your roll i 80 inch strips of ribbon, you will need 35 pieces at least.


Next take your 80 inch strands of ribbon, and tie them on to your wooden dowel, or wire about an inch apart.


 Here is an example of using a ribbon to hold your strands of 80 inch ribbon. 

Once all your strands are attached find a great place to hang your ribbon arch for your wedding guests.  It makes a great back drop for Photography, or even simply décor.


After hanging up your ribbon arch, you can take your silver tags and either attach the cards to the ribbon directly with a glue dot, or you can lay the tags out with a pen for your guests to write a special message to you. Then later they can be attached for all the guests to read. 

 The ribbon hanging down to the floor once placed hanging up 


 Hand written messages as an example 

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Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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