Destination Hotel Bag Idea - By Erin @ Calgary Store

Destination Bags for Hotel Rooms

What you will need

Small White bag, 5x8 inches tall with a handle

Items your guests could use such as band-aids, suntan lotion, mouthwash, q-tips, a bottle of water

Pretty Ribbon

Blank tag to write a message on


What to do 

Using your small bag, put the items you think your guests at your destination wedding would like. Such as, Toothbrushes, Flip-flops, Mouthwash, Snacks, Tylenol, Water Bottles. When you are finished loading your bag up, don’t forget to add a list of phone numbers of other guests, and their room numbers so they can find each other! 

Embellish your bag by tying on your blank tag with a message, and your ribbons. You can use a simple shoelace bow to attach the ribbon to the handle! 

Then have the hotel desk put these fun treat bags into your guest's rooms, how happy they will be with a wonderful VIP surprise bag just for them.

Joanna Palmer
Joanna Palmer


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