Card Box – By Donna @ Edmonton Store

Here’s what you will need 


Here’s what you’ll do


  • Set the box together. 
  • Find the center of the lid & make a slit large enough for cards to fit through. 
  • Wrap the lid with Ivory Lace Wrap Film. 
  • Put a piece of tape over the slot (to prevent wrap film from splitting) & cut through to slot already on lid. 
  • Cut a strip of Ivory Lace Ribbon & hot glue around base of box. 
  • Write the word Cards on an Extra Large White Tag. I used a smaller strip of Ivory Lace Ribbon & tied a bow through the hole of tag, followed by a smaller bow in ½” Ivory Organza.  I then added a small piece of Deco Bead Pearls in White. 
  • Tape or hot glue tag onto front of box.  Make this an all occasion card box by customizing colors to suit your event.


Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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