Obsession with Chocolate and how to GIFT IT

By Joanna Palmer, author of Just Wrap It – DIY Gifts from your kitchen

Creative Packaging - Obsession with Chocolate and how to gift itDid you know that our obsession with chocolate is over 4000 years old? First it was a drink of the gods, then it was used as a medicine, and now it’s enjoyed all throughout the world as a treat. And, this 4000 year old obsession has made chocolate the favorite gift item in the world today! So why the obsession? Is it because we have heard that chocolate (specifically dark) is an antioxidant and may provide health benefits? Or is it because chocolate comes in creamy milk, delectable dark, or velvety white? Maybe it’s because we can melt it, and then dip our favorite things in it? Since it’s an all time favorite gift, here’s a master recipe designed for you to DIY (dip - it- yourself) , dry it, then, just wrap it, and gift it. Whether it’s sweet, chewy, fruity, crunchy, or even meaty , yes you can dip it all and gift it all. It really is that simple for you to create a world famous, favorite gift. Here’s how to dip it, dry it, and then just wrap it!

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What You Will Need

  • 1 Package of Paper Eskimo Paper Plates
  • 1 Roll of Mesh Wrap – Silver
  • 1 Roll of Mesh glitter Ribbon
  • 1 Package of Red Cupcake wrappers
  • 3 Deco Christmas Picks
  • 1 Twist Tie
  • 1 Hot Glue Gun



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Western Valentines bags by Yvonne @ Edmonton Store

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Tuxedo nesting box by Yvonne @ Edmonton store

You will need:

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