Santa’s Pillow Box - by Yvonne @ Edmonton Store

You will need:






  1. Wrap the grosgrain ribbon around the pillow box and allow extra to create the loops of the “bow”.  I used 17 inches of ribbon.
  2. Hot glue the end of the ribbon to the front of the box, the bow will cover this up.   You might need another dot on the back of the box as well to hold the ribbon in place. 
  3. Wrap the ribbon around to the front of the box and now make a loop with the rest of the ribbon, making sure that the cut end is against the box and under the loop. 
  4. Glue the end down. 
  5. Press the centre of the loop down so that it looks like a bow, without the tails.  Glue this down.
  6. Cut a square of four jewels from the ribbon and glue on top to represent Santa’s belt.

Merry Christmas!


Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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