Houndstooth,mini dots and Satin Valentines bags by Yvonne @ Edmonton Store

 You will need:
  1. Houndstooth and mini dots table runner in Fuchsia Pink
  2. Shop bag non woven paper white 13x6x15
  3. Beauty 1 inch Satin Ribbon
  4. Faux Jewel Metallic ribbon in Fuchsia
  5. Glue stick and hot glue gun
  6. Scissors










  1. Cut out a heart from the table runner.  My heart measured 61/2 inches wide  by 6 inches  tall.  If you like, fold the paper in half before you cut it out, to make sure your shape is symmetrical.
  2. Cut two pieces of ribbon the same length as the bag.  I cut a little extra, so that I could fold over the cut edges of the ribbon and prevent any fraying.  Cut another piece of ribbon approximately 6 ½ inches long to make a bow.
  3. Using the hot glue gun, attach the ribbon to the sides of the shop bag.
  4. Find the centre point of the bag (or you can eyeball it, if you’re confident!) and glue the heart in place. I chose to leave the houndstooth side up.  You can use either the glue stick or glue gun for this, just make sure it’s secure.
  5. To make the bow, loop the ends of the ribbon, shiny side out and overlapping the ends at the centre.  Gather the centre of all the layers of ribbon and wrap tightly with some thread.
  6. Cut a square of 4 jewels from the metallic jewel ribbon and glue on top of the thread in the centre of the bow and then attach the bow to the heart.

Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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