“Golf” Cupcake – By Donna @ Edmonton Store

"Golf" Cupcake

Here’s what you will need 











Here’s what you’ll do                     


  • Using X-acto knife, cut off top of water bottle. 
  • Place upside down in baking cup & keep trimming until top fits flush in cup. 
  • Next, fold 1 sheet of tissue in half & cut a square 6”x6”. 
  • Place top of water bottle on tissue & cover. 
  • Secure with elastic around mouth of water bottle. 
  • Place in baking cup. 
  • Poke red flag topper in top as well as 1 white bead pearl.  Write #1 DAD on piece of paper & tape to cup.


Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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