Mini Minion Gable Box - By Yvonne@ Edmonton Store

Here’s what you will need 

Here’s what you’ll do


  • Cut a 3 ½” strip of Turquoise tissue paper  from the 20” side of the tissue paper sheet
  • Cut a 4 ½” strip of Dandelion tissue paper  from the 20” side of the tissue paper sheet
  • Glue the Turquoise tissue onto the Gable Box, while it is still flat.  Try to keep the edge as straight as you can, covering  just 1 ½” of the bottom of the box.  You will have some extra tissue which you will use to cover the bottom of the box once it is assembled.
  • Now glue the Dandelion tissue to the top of the box, don’t worry if the edges of the two tissues aren’t perfect, you’ll cover them up with the grosgrain ribbon for the goggles. 
  • Push the box into shape, then glue on the grosgrain ribbon over the Turquoise and Dandelion  tissue papers.
  • Next, very carefully cut the tissue along the top of the box, and the cut outs too. Now assemble the box and on a sheet of white paper draw two eyes (you can draw around a nickel to get the shape right) and give each eye a dot.  Cut out the eyes and glue them over the ribbon on the wider side of the box.  Right below them, draw a smiling minion mouth right onto the turquoise tissue.  Glue the extra tissue to the base of the box, and you’re done!



Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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