Christmas Door – By Donna @ Edmonton Store

Creative Packaging - Christmas Door

Here’s what you will need







Here’s what you’ll do



  • Start by taping a 27 ½” wide strip of Christmas Wrap lengthwise down the center of the door.
  • Next, using solid red wrap, cut 4 strips in a wavy pattern & attach to sides, top & bottom of door, to create a “frame” look.
  • Using solid green wrap, cut out 3 different sizes of “presents”.
  • Lay ribbon over top & trim strips accordingly.  Attach bow. 
  • Place them on the door. 
  • For the top of door, roll white non woven wrap around cardboard tube with an excess of 3” on each side. 
  • Tie the ends with red satin bows. 
  • Cut 3 strips of red satin ribbon = 12”, 17”, 22” & glue onto back of tube, finished side up. 
  • Hot glue 2 candy canes together to form a heart.  Glue bow on top. 
  • Then glue onto end of red satin strips. 
  • Hot glue entire piece to top center of door.



Glenda Semotiuk
Glenda Semotiuk


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