DIY Cupcake gifts

With the Holidays around the corner I am on the hunt for easy DIYs to give as gifts. I have been obsessed with Soda pop cupcakes (directions on the blog) I have made the cupcakes a TON lately and every time people have asked for my recipe.  So finally it clicked, what a perfect DIY that is less than a dollar and super cute. 


First the supplies needed:

Boxed cake mix

Cans of pop



Cardboard bottom bags in 2 sizes I used 4x8 and 6x12



   1.Measure 1/2 of the boxed cake mix into the smaller cardboard bottom bag.

 2. Tie it up 

 3. Put a can of soda and the cake mix in the larger cardboard bottom bag. 

 4. Add the directions on the tag (I just 1/2 the directions from our blog tie with a ribbon and tada!!!


I used 1/2 the box so it goes twice as far, you can also add topping or filling for your cupcakes and get as fancy as you want. I wanted to keep it simple and keep my cost down. I hope you make and love the cupcakes as much as I do. 



Brandi Brostrom
Brandi Brostrom


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