DIY Christmas Wreath

Tis the season for holiday shopping. I thought it was time to update my wreath on my door, so off to the mall I went. After the 4th store I went into and saw the really expensive door wreath I decided a) I can make this myself  and b) I can do this for way less than the ones I saw at the store. Plus lets be real I love a fun DIY project, this took me a few hours and I loved the way it turned out so much I made two. 

Materials Used:

  1. Wreath used is a 28”.
  2. Ribbon used is 35 ft. or ½ roll of Mesh Ribbon
  3.  I used apple picks but you can use any of our cute picks. 


  1. Wind 4” mesh ribbon around wreath connecting the ribbon on the wire branches every 6 Inches, while you loop the ribbon around the wreath.
  2. Place 12 apple picks or 12 of any other decoration you wish around the wreath and fluff until you are happy.


Brandi Brostrom
Brandi Brostrom


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