February 26, 2015


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Favor Box Ribbon - By Julie @ Burnaby Store


Favor Box Ribbon -  Lid Only – By Julie Creative Packaging – Burnaby


Here’s what you’ll need

Favor boxes 1 - 2x2x2 clear box

16” of 1” organza ribbon


Candies for your boxes

Here’s what to do

Place ribbon around the lid of 1 box and tie a bow.

You can now fill the boxes with your candy

This idea is a quick and easy idea to prep ahead, also keeps tables neat and tidy as the favor boxes have the ribbon tied just around the lid.

Using ribbon this way guests just open the box and the ribbon stays tied to the lid and is easy to prep ahead of time.


Wedding Wands - By Julie @ Burnaby Store


Wedding Wands  – By Julie – Creative Packaging  Burnaby store


Here’s what  you’ll need :

1, silver party bag

1 inch satin ribbon ,  cut into 24 inch length pieces

Silver straws

Basket shred


Here’s what to do :

 Fill the bag with shred, it will take approx. 1 hand full.

Cut ribbon 2 feet long and tie on one end of a straw to make the wand.

Place wands inside the bag with ribbon flowing over the top of the bag.

February 26, 2015


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Vintage Throne - By Glenda @ Edmonton Store


Vintage Bridal Throne – By Glenda , Creative Packaging -  Edmonton


Here’s what you will need

1, chair

1, 6 ft length of 54” wide ,white tulle

1, 6 ft length of 21” wide natural burlap

1, 6 ft length of 2  ½ “ gold satin ribbon

1, 3 ft length of 1” ivory satin ribbon

1-12” piece of ½“ white organza ribbon


Here’s what you’ll do

Wrap both the back and the seat of the chair with natural burlap ribbon.

Fold white tulle over the chair back on top of burlap, gather tulle at back of chair, secure in the center with a  piece of ½”  white organza ribbon. Trim the bottom of the gathered tulle.

Using 2 ½” gold satin ribbon, wrap around the chair back, make a shoelace bow in the center of the gathered tulle. With the 1“inch ivory satin ribbon, tie a bow in the center of the gold bow.

February 26, 2015


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Mini Bling Tissue Flower - By Erin @ Calgary Store

What you will need

Tissue sheet (Any color or pattern)  I sheet of 20X30 tissue makes 2 mini tissue flowers


One roll of faux diamond ribbon 

Mini glue dots


What to do

 First you need your colored or patterned tissue, lay the tissue flat. (20x30 Piece)

 Cut one tissue sheet in 6x10 squares.  You need 4 6X10 squares to make a tissue flower.

 Fold your 6x10 sheet into half inch folds – Like an accordion. When finished folding take a stapler and staple in the middle of the accordion.

 You can then begin to pull the layers of tissue from the fold to produce the flower petals.

 After you have pulled the layers on both sides of your staple, your flower should look like this.

  Now you need your glue dots, scissors and faux jeweled ribbon to add the bling!

 Use your scissors to cut individual gem pieces from your faux ribbon. Next attach a glue dot to the back of the individual gems, and press to the completed tissue flower you just made in various areas, and on different petals.

 You now have a great bling mini tissue flower that can be used for center pieces, in vases, for car wedding décor, and so much more!

February 26, 2015


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Trendy Centerpiece - By Erin @ Calgary Store


Trendy Center Piece – By Erin, Creative Packaging –Calgary


What you will need

1 - party bag  ( we used  Black Tie)

1 - large white tag

1 - large faux diamond gem accessory  

1 - piece of black organza ribbon, ½ inch width  x20 inch length

1 - piece of white tissue (20x30)

A pen, Scissors


What  to  do

Stand your party bag upright. Next lay your one piece of white tissue flat on your counter and fold it in half. Using your fingers find the middle of the tissue and pick up your tissue in a cone shape. Give it a shake and hold it on the pointy end.  Place the tissue inside of your standing party bag  gently tucking it in. Fluff the tissue.  Slide the gem pick into the party bag, in front of the white tissue. The white tag can be used for several things, you can write your table number on it or a special saying. Take the piece of 20 inch, sheer organza black ribbon and slide it through your white tag hole, and tie it in a simple knot. To finish ,simply rest the white tag on the bag, tucking it in easily with the ribbons hanging out for your trendy bag centerpiece. 

February 26, 2015


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Tissue Flower Topiary - By Julie @ Burnaby Store


Tissue Flower Topiary – By Julie Creative Packaging – Burnaby



What you will need

1 - 4x4x4 white gift box

1 - silver paper straw

2 handfuls of fuchsia pink basket shred to fill the box

1 - piece 20x30” beauty tissue , cut into 7x10 pieces ( you get approx. 8 pieces)  

1 inch beauty organza ribbon


What  to  do

For tissue ball Stack 4 - 7”x10” pieces of tissue on top of each other and fan fold using 1” folds tie in centre with 12” of organza then cut each end to round off the end. Repeat this twice so you have 2 flowers. Tie the flowers together in the middle with ribbon to make a ball for top of topiary.  Tie ball to the top of the straw using organza ribbon. You will have a few inches of ribbon falling down from the bottom of the ball.

February 26, 2015


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Low profile centerpiece – By Glenda @ Edmonton store


Low profile centerpiece   – By Glenda @ Edmonton store


What you will need                                                                                

What to do

  • Evenly space the 2 ½ inch strips of Gold Ribbon on the top of the 10 inch box. Glue in place.
  • Follow with the Ivory Satin strips and the Olive Grosgrain.


  • Wrap the 2- 40 inch strips of the Gold Satin around the box, gluing in place. Follow with the Olive grosgrain.      
  • With the 3x3x3 Kraft boxes, fold the side flaps and the lid down into the box.
  • Around the outside of the boxes, glue the 1 inch Ivory satin and the Olive Grosgrain
  • Lightly pack Kraft Shred into each box.
  • Center the 4, 3x3x3 boxes on top of the Ribbon covered 10 inch box.
  • Arrange the flowers, fruit, birds and butterflies on top of the 4 boxes.




February 24, 2015


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